♥ Why I Love Art ♥

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Well, really I don’t necessarily know why I love art. I mean, that would be like trying to explain why we love a person, why we love the sunshine, why we love chocolate (for some of us). What I do know, is that as time goes, I love art more and more. So much so, that I want to take it in more frequently and for longer periods of time.

The More We Know
I think the more that we know something or someone, the more opportunity there is to love. That would also mean that there is more opportunity not to love. Someone can like something immediately and then dislike it as it becomes more clear to them that that is not “their thing.” But, the more we know, the more opportunity we have to know, and to love, if that is the seed that is within us.

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The More We Experience
When I was young, I was around people that did not really “know” art. I heard snap comments about Picasso’s art, the abstract art, etc. It was not a matter of fault, per se, it was simply a lack of knowledge and lack of exposure to art on their part. While this did not permanently embed within me, it did affect my short-term pursuit of art. Enter LACMA and Park West Gallery. By having a membership to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, attending guided tours, openings, exhibits, and experiencing the Park West Gallery art exhibits, auctions, and training sessions on cruise lines, I was able to learn and experience art in a new, and unprecedented way.


The More We Feel
There is a certain soothing aspect of art, especially when we allow ourselves to feel the vulnerabilities of our human frailty. Art has the ability to reach in and touch those vulnerabilities and give us wings. It is an expression of the artist, one that we can feel within ourselves, if we give it a chance. Art evokes a response. It does not have to be a happy response, it can be an angry response, but it touches my humanity… if I let it.

So there you have it. Is it the reason? No, because I don’t think that love of art can be reduced to one simple reason, but it is my philosophical summary of the journey to know and love art more and more each day. How ’bout you?


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