The “WOW Factor”

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You know, in working on the Albumette project, I have discovered the existence of the “WOW Factor.” I discovered this when listening to different versions of the same song, with different engineering techniques.

It is amazing how many different versions of one recording can be created with different engineering and mixing techniques. It is almost limitless. Add to that, different ways of playing the instrument, singing the song, and recording the music, and you add another dimension of infinite possibilities.

So what is the “WOW Factor?” It is when you sit back, almost speechless in your critique, and all you can say is, “WOW.”

There are some awesome musicians, poets, writers, and artists out there, past and present. So, what music, poetry, picture, or YouTube video creates the WOW Factor for you?

-Deborah E
Jazz Singer
♫ Scat N Style ♫

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