The Art Lover and the Self-Expressing Artist (Originally Published on Dangerous Lee)

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I’ve been thinking recently about art, and the expanse of the topic called “art.” Now mind you, I have told you before that I am not an art student but rather a lover of art. What do I mean by “lover of art?” Well let me put it to you in these terms…

Lover of Art

When you first meet that special someone, you sort of get that tingly, “I want to know that person even more” feeling, right? That is the feeling that I get when I walk past a piece of art, or surf an internet site that has some nice art. It makes me want to take a second look, or third, or fourth, similar to the second date, third, fourth. Then, as I look more and more at that art piece that I like, I want to possess it, to, at the least, purchase a print for my home so that I may gaze at it some more. Now, we are in a relationship. And, the more that I gaze at that art, the more that I find new and interesting things about the art piece and want to know more. That is digging deeper into the relationship. When I add to that, finding out about the artist who created this work of art, I go even deeper into that relationship. And, if I find out about similar artists, and the environment in which the artists painted, experienced life, etc., it is like finding out the personality behind the art and understanding even more of what the art may be saying, both based on what the artists may have intended and what the art says to me personally… And, I have become a lover of that piece of art.


Recently, I met an artist and was surprised when this artist did not know as much about Peter Max, Itzchak Tarkay, Picasso, Romero Britto, as I did. Now granted, this artist was not an art student either, but creates wonderful abstract art which I love. When I pondered this, I realized that this artist is not an art student, not an art enthusiast per se, and not necessarily an art lover, but rather someone who experiences self-expression in the form of art. This allows her to breathe her expression onto the canvas in a form that comes out in an abstract form of color that I love, as an art lover.

Giving and Receiving

I shudder to think that I did not realize that it does take two kinds of people, the artist and the art lover. Without both parts, you would not be able to have art transactions. Of course, if you are both, you simply are blessed to be on the giving and receiving end and are not only blessed, but doubly so.’Til next time…hugs,Deborah


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