That Blues Pentatonic Scale

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I am a classically trained piano player. I remember listening to people improv and desiring to be just like them, but for years was stuck inside the box called “playing-exactly-what-is-on-the-paper.” Oh, I would deviate a little when I would play a Bach piece and my teacher would tell me that I did not play the pianissimo at the right time, etc. etc. Of course, that sassy side of me would retort, “You know, teacher, this piece of music may have a pianissimo symbol right there, but it is probably just a visual representation of what they think Mr. Bach intended. I think Mr. Bach played more like me, with feeling!

Well, my “arguments” were not really winnable in the arena where I played the classical music. Alas, I am finally delving into the arena of Piano Blues. Oh, I have since learned how to improv. I have composed my own instrumentals. I have played Rock keyboards, but I want to truly understand the Blues. Does that me I am going to dissect the Blues and play it exactly the way it is written? Is it written? No! I am going to come out of my box of the heptatonic scale and learn, not only how to play the pentatonic scale, but how it sounds, and how to feel it. In that way, I think I will start to unlock another facet of my piano playing journey.

Here is the book I picked up (below). And the beauty of it is that I have it on my iPad, ready for action!

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