Stick People and Beyond…

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Ok, I am not new to blogging (,, I am not new to art loving. I wouldn’t trade my LACMA membership and I can’t resist visiting the Park West Gallery and art auction on every cruise. That said, this post marks the beginning of the series on the combination of both, “art blogging.”


I spent some time checking out the art blog world on the ‘net and found an interesting description of art blogs, by Liz Tunick @ She starts by saying, “Ever start to read a newspaper or magazine review of a contemporary art show and give up because the writer seems to be speaking in a foreign tongue?” Personally, I have a tendency to want to slip into writing college term papers, so the idea of the foreign tongue sort of appeals to me. But, then I ask myself… When I have no idea what they are saying, do I enjoy it because it sounds sophisticated? Well, I will make every effort, in this blog, to be “sophisticated enough” without speaking in a “foreign tongue.”

Let me introduce myself. I am a Jazz musician (Deborah E) who appreciates art so much I sometimes want to crawl into the painting to take a closer look. I was trying to figure out this morning, when I began to be an art lover. I really think it was always there. One of those things where I was always an art lover, but didn’t know it. Can you relate?

[singlepic id=1 w=320 h=240 float=left]

I used to teach Adobe Photoshop® and Advanced Photoshop® to artists and was able to appreciate their great talent. Oh, I am still a Photoshop® expert, but I pale in comparison to that talent that I saw in my classes. I’m over here demonstrating techniques with stick people and then watching as the artists are creating works ready for a gallery!

Surfing the net one day my husband and I found an artist that we just adore. Stay tuned and I will tell you more about her, featuring her in another post (probably several posts!). We actually need to buy a bigger house to display all of her art that we have collected!

I have enjoyed my journey into art education, art appreciation, and art expression. My personal expression is music, however, music and art are related on the family tree of creativity, and I enjoy frolicking in the field with my cousin, the field that creativity sows.

Walk, read, comment, share with me on this journey as we explore the new and the old, the defined and the raw, where no answer is the “right answer” because all answers are the expression of what we feel and think.

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  • Zyah August 22, 2011, 1:35 pm

    Do you have more great aritcles like this one?


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