Different Styles, Different Types of Art

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Peter Max has been described as being an artist with an “iconic” style of art (Wikipedia, 2011), as well as an “expressionistic style,” and creating a “signature style of cosmic characters.” Mr. Max addresses that pop culture, with his graphical expressions of Love, his American patriotism with the Statues of Liberty, his peacock on the NBC logo, and so much more. It is easy to see, with just a couple of examples how he is attributed with the label of creating “iconic” art, as well as his effect on the current culture, and, hence the aspect of “pop”ular culture.

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There are different types and styles of art and just when I think that I have figured out the list, I realize that I still have so much to learn!

Another style of art is the art of husband and wife team, Shaefer and Miles, called “neo-impressionistic” art. Park West describes their work as exuding a warmth and “ever-present light.” While that is not necessarily a description of a style, the inclusion of the light does conjure up similar, yet unique art by famous Thomas Kinkade.

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There are so many other styles of art, not to mention types of art. When I say, “styles,” I am referring to styles, as described above (even though the talent and expression is beyond description!) and when I say, “types,” I am referring to the inclusion of sculptures, unique use of materials (See also, info on the “Material Worlds” exhibit for examples), and anything that can be considered a creative expression of art. Again, the sky is the limit!

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Recently, I have really come to enjoy abstract art, yet another style…. Just as in beauty, the love of art is in the eye (and heart) of the beholder and we all have the freedom to love (or not love) what we see before us.

So, looking at the art, above, which one speaks to you?

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