How To Be A Rock Star

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People from around the world grow up wanting to be many things.  For some it might be a sports star, for others a model or designer, and for some the dream is to be a major music star playing to millions around the globe each year.

The thing with the last one is that anyone can pick up a musical instrument and learn how to play it. Being a rock star

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4 Of The Best Public Artworks From Around The World

ScatnStyle:  Berlin Gallery

Public artwork allows an artist to share their love of art with the common man. Here are four of the best public artworks from around the world that you don’t need to pay to view.

East Side Gallery (Berlin, Germany)

In many ways, the Berlin Wall represented the worst of humanity. Running through the city of Berlin, the wall divided a nation, separated families, and plunged East Germans into a Communist abyss. When the wall came down in 1990, it was only fitting that some parts of the wall that remained standing be converted into an art gallery. At the heart of modern day Berlin lays a 1.3 km long stretch of the Berlin Wall, featuring art work from over 100 artists. Although a lot of the work was vandalized during the 90s, restoration specialists have ensured that the East Side Gallery continues to be a source of inspiration and hope for future generations.


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Easy Guitar Lessons On The Internet, Available For All!

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You may not realize how easy it can be to learn to play the guitar by receiving simple guitar lessons online. Many people are not aware how readily available online instructions are. When you think of learning to play, you are often picturing lengthy lessons from a professional that can be difficult to fit into your already tight schedule. You may not have the

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Rather Rock On Than Clock In?

So you’ve seen X-Factor and Rock School and think you could be the next Leona Lewis or Led Zeppelin? Well first off, you’ve got to ask yourself whether this is a fleeting fancy or something you can genuinely see yourself doing for the rest of your life.

The reality and long, hard slog of becoming a platinum-selling rock star or the next big thing in pop is often overlooked because so

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World Renowned Piano Shops

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If you are in the market for a piano, another instrument, or musical and recording gear, there are many respected outlets in cities around the world from which to choose. But what makes a store truly renowned? A broad selection of merchandise is important, but customer service makes the difference between a nice music store and a world renowned one. The following highlights a few piano and music shops from around the world that earned their excellent reputations.

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