Bluesy Blues

That Blues Pentatonic Scale

Does that me I am going to dissect the Blues and play it exactly the way it is written? Is it written? No! I am going to come out of my box of the heptatonic scale and learn, not only how to play the pentatonic scale, but how it sounds, and how to feel it. In that way, I think I will start to unlock another facet of my piano playing journey.

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Hound Dog – Big Mama Style

Hey, I love Elvis Presley and his version of “Hound Dog” but right now I’m groovin to the Big Mama Thornton belting out “There Ain’t Nothin But A Hound Dog…” It may not be scatting, but this talented lady knows how to but soul into her music. She knows when to put some throaty vocals [...]

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Cyndi Lauper : Memphis Blues

Today I am thinking about an album by Cyndi Lauper. No, it is not the traditional Cyndi Lauper, as in her album, “The Essential Cyndi Lauper.” Rather, it is the album, “Memphis Blues.”

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