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Ms. Brigitte, in her own words, is inspired by what she sees and experiences in her world, as well as her experience on the internet. But, she, herself is inspiring, in her growth beyond her comfort zone, as she puts it, and her desire to move forward in spite of any obstacles in her life.

She brings happiness to those who have commissioned her to create portraits of their beloved pets, and she brings encouragement to those of us who are beneficiaries of her inspiration.

When did you first decide that you wanted to be an artist?

I don't want to call myself "an artist." There was no actual moment that I made that decision. I paint and draw as a hobby, and for a few years now, I have been accepting commissions and payment enough to cover my expenses for the used materials. Most commissions are animal portraits that I do in pastel. I feel honored that people like my animal portraits and want me to draw their beloved pets to remember them. I get that happy feeling when someone says, "It is really like I remember him. You've captured his essence so well" when I deliver the finished piece. It makes me glad that I can use my talent to make others happy. I wish that one day I could make my living with the drawings and paintings, but I have to be realistic.

What was your first art creation?

I have been drawing since I was a kid and I loved creating things, like hand puppets, stuffed animals or simple jewelry. I even got excited when I was gift-wrapping matchboxes. What?! "Gift-wrapping matchboxes?" I know, it had absolutely no purpose, but I liked wrapping matchboxes (and other small things) in colorful paper and decorating it like it was going to be a luxurious gift.

When I got older I turned my creative mind to cross-stitching. I made sooo many of them. A few big pieces are hanging on the wall at my parents-in-law.

After this, I got ill. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and I couldn't do the cross-stitch anymore. My hands were not able to do it. I kept all the materials, patterns, and designs. Sometimes I peek into that box and wish I could work for hours again on a beautiful cross-stitch design.

After the cross-stitching, I turned back to drawing. And drawing led to painting (watercolor). That's what I am still doing now.

What was your first memorable art piece?

I can remember a drawing I made from my left hand, in graphite. I was really proud of it. I was about 12 when I drew it. If I were to see it now, I would see what is wrong with the drawing (wrong proportions i.e.). I don't know what happened to it or where it is now… should ask my mother.

Please describe "A Day in the Life of Ms. Brigitte, Artist Extraordinaire."

I have a job, so I have to get up, get dressed, take a quick breakfast and go to work. Only in the evenings and in the weekends do I have time – but first the usual household things need to be done – and after that, I have time to create. Since my health is not optimal (the bad auto immune system that caused my RA also led to Sjögren's Syndrome and celiacs disease), I do have time in the evenings/weekends, but I am not always in the mood. Mostly I am too tired – and then nothing creative comes out of my hands.

There are several projects on my desk: a portrait in pastel; a watercolor piece; some illustrations or digital work. There is always a project I am in the mood to work on. Sometimes I see fun online contests and want to participate, but I never get anything finished in time. So I stopped fooling myself and I am just happy with my projects.

What do you do with your art?

The pieces I create on commission are leaving my place as soon as they are finished. I always make a digital copy for my archive and portfolio. The other pieces stay here. I have donated some art for auctions to raise money for good causes. At the moment, one is open to raise money for a cat shelter!

I only have an online gallery. I designed and built that site myself. I share smaller projects and "Work-in-Progress" pieces on my blog.[artInterview_linkReference01]

She brings happiness to those who have commissioned her to create portraits of their beloved pets, and she brings encouragement to those of us who are beneficiaries of her inspiration.

What are your plans for the future?

I don't really have "big" plans for the future. I just "go with the flow." I really enjoy what I am doing and because of all the things I see on the internet and the people I meet on the internet. This inspires me to try new things.

A year ago I would not have believed it if I was told that I would be going to a zoo and sketching animals. But this year, I went with some fellow artists and I did it! And I loved it – getting out of my comfort zone. I tried my first animal portrait in watercolor! Not a great success, but it was another step out of my comfort zone.

In the words of Brigitte Artiste, from her website, "Drawing, painting, creating - it has become a passion that gave me the strength to go on and it gives me a feeling I still can mean and achieve something in life. I hope you enjoy my blog and I would love if you'd leave me a comment."

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