Natalia Kadish : Experiential Expression

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In learning about Ms. Kadish, I am struck by what a student of life she is and how much she not only observes life around her, but takes it in, experiences it, interprets it, and expresses it out to the world around her, for the rest of us to enjoy as a part of our life's experiences.

Come, meet Ms. Natalia Kadish...

What was your first art creation?

I do not remember my first drawing or painting. However, my first medium was creating thoughts with in my mind! I remember my first memory of life. This pretty much sums up the experience I have through creating art. My first memory was moving day to the house I grew up in, my parents' house, and now the place I teach classes in. There were big French doors they were so towering. They were open to the elements outside. There was a big summer storm a-brewing!! I looked at those strong doors knocking around in the wind and thought, “Awesome!” I was ready to explore life and experience every moment with inspiration to live.

What was your first memorable art piece?

Every piece of art work has a story. Every piece of art is a story. Choose one and ask about the story behind it! Choose at my website.[artInterview_linkReference01]

Please describe "A Day in the Life of Natalia Kadish, Artist Extraordinaire."

I wake up with the sunrise and Thank God that my soul was restored to my body! I wash up and my husband comes in with my coffee! Thank God. I say blessings Thanking God for Life! Then we eat breakfast and learn Torah! He goes out to teach and I start creating. Sometimes my rabbi teaches a class in the morning that I go to. Then around noon, I teach a very talented sweet 85 year young woman. I come home, thank God, and create more! Teaching classes here and there!

What do you do with your art?

With Art I praise God! The life force flowing through all things, animating life! Clients of all kinds come to me with great ideas, dreams or concepts, or lessons in Torah, and ask me to illustrate their ideas. They design the picture. I create an original piece of artwork that hangs on their wall so it’s personal, and touches their hearts. This is the way God allows me to make a living! Thank God! It’s so much better for a client to just design their own piece of art then have to go to a gallery and invest in a picture that is “almost” what they like. Art is a very personal, spiritual thing. Sometimes the client does not know what they want, so I come up with many ideas until they are satisfied. Sometimes they say they want blueish colors and I come up with the rest! ☺ Its fun! Thank God!

What are your plans for the future?

I’m in the process of publishing two art books! Thank God!

"My first medium was creating thoughts with in my mind! I remember my first memory of life. This pretty much sums up the experience I have through creating art!"

In the words of Natalia Kadish, from her main site, "...a Surrealist artist inspired by the joy received from learning Torah and contemplating the infinite. She received a BA in Illustration from School of Visual Arts. Her art has been displayed in several concerts including Irving Plaza in NYC."

Connecting with Natalia Kadish :

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