Top 7 Stadium Designs From All Over The World

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Many stadiums around the world all have a similar look. Older stadiums especially, often lack design flairs that make a stadium stand out. Some stadiums are little more than dirt patches surrounded by seats. However, some stadiums designs are innovative and stand out from the crowd. These stadiums not only have amazing-looking designs inside and outside, but they also provide excellent seating, lighting, and a pleasurable stadium-going experience that keeps fans wanting to come back again and again. These seven stadiums withstand the test of time, and act as local art monuments in their hometowns, creating a new kind of “seven wonders of the world.”

La Bombonera (Estadio Alberto J. Armando), Argentina

Walking into the Estadio Alberto J. Armando stadium instantly shows why the locals nicknamed the stadium “La Bombonera.” La Bombonera means “chocolate box” and the  square, flat shape of the stadium looks just like a chocolate box. Although a smaller stadium that can hold only 57,000 people, the accent details transform it from a simple place to watch sports into a work of art. Yellow and blue are the colors of choice, with accent art featuring acrylic cut outs of stars and other shapes outside. Inside, the yellow and blue motif continues, with modern-style wall art and photos of past local team members. 

Camp Nou, FC Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

Camp Nou, FC Barcelona is one of the oldest standing stadiums, first built in 1957, but the building has been well-maintained and updated several times since its original design. The current design features bright, bold blues inside, and comfortable, well-lit seating outside. Inside the building, the visitor is struck by the contrast of the bright blue with crisp metal accents along railings and walkways. Player profiles line the interior walls, helping guests learn about each player as they walk through the halls. A high-tech museum room featuring the best players makes Camp Nou a can’t-miss stadium for soccer fans. 

Allianz Arena, FC Bayern Munich (Munich, Germany)

This German football stadium is a sight to behold inside and out. The outside of the stadium is shaped into a large, rounded square constructed from white metal supports. At night, the stadium is illuminated in white, blue, or red lights. Inside the stadium is just as impressive, with sophisticated metal seating, bright lights, and bold red walls with white accents, giving the interior a polished gleam. Art is minimal and player stats decorate the walls. 

Soccer City, Johannesburg, South Africa

This modern stadium is the largest in Africa and features sleek metal designs both inside and out. The rounded square shape is constructed entirely of orange-tone metal sheets, giving the stadium an industrial look. Bright orange seats decorate the interior, with beautiful interior hallways decorated in natural wood finish, which gives the stadium a awe-inspiring juxtaposition between urban and rural. 

Wembley Stadium, UK

Clean lines and minimal decorating make Wembley stadium one-of-a-kind. Outside, the stadium is shaped like a round doughnut. The roof is retractable, so that the football players can play in comfort even during rain or snow. A large, white arch towers over the stadium and makes the stadium visible from all areas of the city. Inside, the minimal decorations match the modern feel of the exterior. Large photos of past team members decorate the walls in simple frames. Basic reds, blues, and whites decorate the walls in accent colors. Most interior walls are white, with stainless steel metal accents giving the stadium a modern feel.

Estadio Do Maracana, Brazil

Estadio Do Maracana is a large, circular structure in the heart of Brazil built with clear inspiration from classic Greek style, with beautiful archways and columns. Inside the building, clear walls and narrow column supports make the building almost appear as it is standing by magic. Bright yellow seats and clear acrylic decorations prevent the stadium from looking like it belongs in ancient Greece.  

Rungrado May Day Stadium, North Korea

All sports fans should have take the opportunity to visit Rungrado May Day Stadium if they get the chance. Outside, the roof of the stadium opens like wings, displaying the white, rounded canopies that surround the stadium. Inside, the stadium is decorated with classic Korean art murals, featuring political figures and famous military figures throughout history.

This post was generously provided by Andras Deak.

Andras Deak is an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time design enthusiast. He works for Acrylicize, a UK based design company building the best office and interior designs out there. When not in office, Andras likes travel a lot, his favorite destinations are the hidden places of Asia and Polynesia.


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  • Yvette Gilmore September 3, 2012, 11:53 pm

    I like your stadium compilation. I just realized that I’ve never been on those stadium ever since. So fascinating!

    • Deborah E September 4, 2012, 10:24 am

      Yes, Andras did a nice job with this post. Makes me want to visit them, as well. Thanks, Yvette.

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  • Miranda August 22, 2013, 7:18 am

    What truly inspiring feats of architecture! I will most definitely include some of these stadiums on my ‘to see’ bucket list. It’s so awesome that these architects can take a simple stadium design and envision something so exquisite!

  • Sanjeev Singh September 20, 2013, 4:17 am

    After reading this, i’m desperate to visit in these stadiums specially Allianz Arena. Which one have the highest capacity after camp nou?