The Glamorous Grit of Old Hollywood

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Mike Davis, of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion, provided this wonderful unsolicited review of Albumette

Artist: Deborah E
Album: Albumette
Review by Mike Davis, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

Some time ago, a friend’s father spoke of his love for jazz and blues and the vibrant scene in Los Angeles of musicians and clubs that livened and delighted his nights off. When I listen to the Albumette EP from Deborah E, I get a sense as to what those nights must have felt like and the possibility still gleaming in the nooks and crannies of the city. The five-song effort wastes no moment setting a scene and tone for the listener to be enveloped in. It drips with notions of small corner stages in smoky, cocktail soaked lounges and the glamorous grit of old Hollywood, while maintaining an indefinable essence that imbues the songs with contemporary relevance and vivacity beyond mere nostalgia. Deborah E, or Lady D as referenced by admirers, possesses in her voice an instrument bound by no clear limits. It is sultry, dynamic, gripping, and above all else full of grace. Whether crooning to classics tackled by the likes of Rosemary Clooney, Ella Fitzgerald, and Roberta Flack, or bringing all new compositions to life, Lady D has a distinctive flair that draws you in to consider her offerings with only her rendition in mind. Albumette is a beautiful collection of jazz and blues colored songs that hits every note, melancholic and jubilant, with precision and elegance.

Track 1: Black Coffee – Penned in the 1940s, “Black Coffee” naturally sounds the most classic and evocative of some distant and beautiful time. However, Deborah E pumps newly oxygenated blood into its arteries and resuscitates its heart here and now the way Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, and many others did in their time. Her voice slinks along over the orchestration like indigo silk, making for a swooning and sexy interpretation.


Track 4: Perfectly Wonderful World – One of three new original songs exclusive to Albumette, “Perfectly Wonderful World” sounds like a standard that could have been a staple in any songstresses set in the 30s or 40s, yet Lady D makes it all her own. Her voice flows languid and delicate over sparkling piano sweeps and fine jazzy guitar lines. A song that sets a high bar for what will surely attract others in attempting to recapture its magic.


Track 5: Only Temporary – Another original composed by Denny Martin & Jaimee Paul for Deborah E, “Only Temporary” is the sassy and blazing close to Albumette. It is a tenacious blues number laden with overdriven guitar licks, jiving B3 organ, and saxophone lines that sound like strained impulsive bolts from the throat of some possessed bluesman. A humorous ode to the passing anxieties and darkness of life fully lived.

Review by Mike Davis
Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion


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