The 5 Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

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In the world of rock, nothing captivates and enthralls audiences like a guitar solo. A great guitar solo is often enough to ensure that a song becomes a big hit. Throughout history, mankind has been witness to some really great solos by some of the greatest guitarists. Here are the top 5 greatest guitar solos of all time:

Eruption – Van Halen (Eddie Van Halen)

Eddie Van Halen is often touted as the greatest guitarist of all time. His guitar solo in Eruption shows just why his reputation is justified. There were many great guitarists before Van Halen and many that continued in his footsteps. However, no one can match Van Halen’s contribution to the world of guitar music. Van Halen revolutionized the way the electric guitar was played and you just have to listen to Eruption to know why.

November Rain – Guns N’ Roses (Slash)

Slash has given us some of the greatest guitar solos in history. Whether it was during his time in Guns N’ Roses or his solo career years, Slash has never failed to deliver the goods and delight audiences. He had a string of excellent guitar solos for Gun N’ Roses, including a legendary solo for Sweet Child O’ Mine. However, November Rain features undoubtedly his greatest guitar solo ever.

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd (David Gilmour)

The main factor that makes Pink Floyd one of the greatest bands of all time is that the band didn’t just create good music; they created music in ways that were unfathomable to most people, including most of the music industry. Not since the Beatles did a band put a spotlight on the field of sound engineering and its role in music. The same innovative skills were always on display with David Gimour’s solo, especially his masterpiece in Comfortably Numb. While the original guitar solo is still one of the best ever, fans of the band swear by David’s live performance of the solo as being incomparable.

Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd (Gary Rossington & Allan Collins)

Strictly speaking, it is not a guitar solo in the traditional sense. However, tell that to the millions of fans worldwide who do consider it to be one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. Both, Gary Rossington and Allan Collins, demonstrate a level of technical proficiency that goes a long way in explaining why Lynyrd Skynyrd had , and continues to have, such a massive fan following. No rock concert or battle of the bands is ever complete without someone in the audience yelling out Free Bird as a request, all thanks to the face-melting guitar work of Rossington and Collins.

Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is undoubtedly one of the greatest left-handed guitarists of all time. Just like fellow left-handed compatriots Edie Van Halen and Dick Dale, Jimi Hendrix used his left-handedness as an advantage and played the guitar with a finesse and technique that could not be matched or even emulated. The great artist gave us numerous amazing guitar solos, including Drone Blues. However, the song that he is most well-remembered for is Voodoo Child (Slight Return). Hendrix’s riff in the song confirms exactly why he is considered to an all-time great.

There are many other guitar solos out there that are wonderful in their own sense. However, talk about the 5 greatest guitar solos of all time and the 5 solos mentioned here just can’t be beat.

This post was generously provided by Jim Thomas.

Jim Thomas has authored this guest post. Along with providing guitar lessons for beginners through his website, he helps share his experiences and favorites from the world of music through his posts.


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