Megan Petersen : A New Art Form

Art comes in many forms, and if you’ve been reading these interviews, you’ve seen the love of color. There is also the love of handcrafted jewelry. Today we have an artisan, having studied fine art in college, who has taken her gift of artistic expression and applied it to beadweaving. And, she has some pieces with pretty vibrant colors, as you can see in this photo. Ms. Petersen’s enthusiasm about her art is contagious and makes one want to pick up the art, themselves, or go dust off the enjoyment of their youth and start creating something and expressing the art that is within themselves.

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There Are More To Gongs Than Meet The Eye

The gong looks like a very simple form of instrument, but there is actually much more to it than meets the eye. The gong is actually a very important part of any orchestra, but many people think that it is only a minor addition because it doesn’t get very many parts. However, almost every time [...]

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Dangerous Lee : Art and Positive Activism

I am very inspired by Dangerous Lee. She has an awesome sense of humor, which you can see by checking out her site. But, more than that, she is a woman of courage, and she is there to educate others and counsel them. I truly believe that it is this character (which is much more than can be described in a couple sentences!) that her art breathes life.

I saw a couple of other art pieces and I wanted to just fill this post with her art as it was hard to limit it to just two! In looking at her art, I noticed how expressive the eyes were and how much it drew me in to want to know the subject more, and hence, the artist more. Dangerous has a way of interpretation that allows you to feel the art with her and come back for more.

Come, get to know Dangerous Lee and her art, and be sure to visit her links to view more of her amazing talents!

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6 Lessons in Love Courtesy of The Beatles

Your Grandma Betsy may have great advice to give you about love, but that doesn’t mean she’s the only source of guidance. You might be able to find love advice in some unexpected ways, like, oh I don’t know…listening to The Beatles. This legendary music group may be best known for bowl haircuts and catchy rhythms, but their songs actually have a much deeper implication. Don’t believe me? All you have to do is look at the titles. Here are six lessons in love from The Beatles that you could use to better you relationships.

“I Want to Hold Your Hand”

If you like a girl and you can’t muster up the courage to ask her out, just say “I want to hold your hand.” Is it cheesy? Yes. Will it work? Probably not. Nevertheless, you may come across that one girl that is floored by your honesty and totally makes out with you there on the spot. The chances of that happening are low, but it’s gotta be worth a shot – right?

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Sally Franz : Encouraging & Entertaining

Learning about Ms. Franz has been inspiring. In fact, I had to stop, right in the middle, and tweet one of her quotes: “Just because no one buys your work doesn’t mean it isn’t fabulous. It just means your grandkids will be the ones who get rich off it.” Being a musician, I can relate and Ms. Franz is so correct in her perspective. Let yourself be inspired by what she says and what she has experienced, letting the art flow out from inside of you!

Oh, and that isn’t all! Ms. Franz has a lovely sense of humor and while I may stop in awe of her inspiring words, I then expel a giggle at her way with words, and sit back, with my cup of tea, and enjoy the art that is an outflowing of Ms Franz and her expressions of creativity.

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