Matthew Emeny : Military Aviation Art

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Sally Franz : Encouraging & Entertaining

Learning about Ms. Franz has been inspiring. In fact, I had to stop, right in the middle, and tweet one of her quotes: "Just because no one buys your work doesn't mean it isn't fabulous. It just means your grandkids will be the ones who get rich off it." Being a musician, I can relate and Ms. Franz is so correct in her perspective. Let yourself be inspired by what she says and what she has experienced, letting the art flow out from inside of you!

Oh, and that isn't all! Ms. Franz has a lovely sense of humor and while I may stop in awe of her inspiring words, I then expel a giggle at her way with words, and sit back, with my cup of tea, and enjoy the art that is an outflowing of Ms Franz and her expressions of creativity.

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Sheryl Brown : Healing Art

I think you all know that I love color. I mean I really, really love color. I love all kinds of color, whether it is bright colors, earth tone colors, or pastel colors. I am particularly drawn to the way that Sheryl Brown uses the pastel colors in her abstract fine art masterpieces. There is a real healing effect that Ms. Brown's art has on the soul. Oh, she is not alone in this talent, but her gift with the use of color has touched my soul and I'm sure that it will touch yours, as well. Come, let's take a peek into the world of Sheryl Brown, in her own words...

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Ms. Brigitte : Encouraging Others

Ms. Brigitte, in her own words, is inspired by what she sees and experiences in her world, as well as her experience on the internet. But, she, herself is inspiring, in her growth beyond her comfort zone, as she puts it, and her desire to move forward in spite of any obstacles in her life.

She brings happiness to those who have commissioned her to create portraits of their beloved pets, and she brings encouragement to those of us who are beneficiaries of her inspiration.

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Jo-Ann Dziubek-MacDonald : Resonating Realism

Ms. Dziubek-MacDonald says it best, in her own words, when she says that "painting with watercolor and mixed media is [her] passion." You can certainly see this in her artwork. The painting of the sunflowers reminds me of the sunflowers I used to watch as a child, fields of them. This fine art is painted so wonderfully that I feel as if I can reach out and touch the sunflowers and feel the wind blow through the flower in my hand.

Ms. Dziubek-MacDonald has done such a good job of interpreting what is around her and in her, and sharing that with us. Please learn, with me, a little bit about this wonderful woman.

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