David Calfo : Salvage Artist

I have always been fascinated, truly fascinated, by the art that can be created out of other objects. I didn’t know the term for it, necessarily, but I knew when I saw it. Hailing to us from the wonderful industrial city of Pittsburgh, comes Mr. David Calfo, giving us his own brand of salvage art and teaching this musician what the meaning of “salvage art” is and a bit of the process of the art.

I am so thrilled to be able to feature David Calfo and his salvage art, a mixture of art, history, and memorization of the past, in Mr. Calfo’s creation in the present, for the future to enjoy and remember with us. Read and learn with me.

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The Beatles Legacy

Every few years there is a singer or a band which taps into the public feeling perfectly and becomes an icon of the era. It’s impossible to think of the grunge movement of the early 1990s without thinking of Nirvana, of Britpop without naming Blur or Oasis, or disco without considering the BeeGees. The first band to have this sort of impact on a global scale was the Beatles, who dominated the charts through the 1960s and added to the Swinging Sixties ethos of the UK during this time.

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