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Edie Schmoll : Poetry In Motion

I was very moved by what Ms. Edie Schmoll had to say, in her interview, below. Here is a woman who has experienced pain, great pain, and yet has processed that pain in a way that builds character and displays its artistry in her painting, her writing, and her music.

As years have progressed, I have realized that we don’t get any younger and that we need to seize the moment, whatever that moment presents to us, good, bad, or otherwise. Ms. Edie Schmoll has inspired me and now, when I look at her art, not only do I see beauty, but I see a deeper meaning, something that speaks to my heart and soul.

When did you first decide that you wanted to be an artist?

I started painting about four years ago. Following the loss of my husband, I returned to school to brush up on my musical skills (classical piano solos on : Edie’s Page). Following the resumption of a career in performing, teaching and composing, I took a semester of Watercolor and Oil Painting at a community college. I had a painting nominated for National Artwork Award in 2011 by American Mensa. The painting, “Glow” is seen here. I won their National Poetry Award in 2008 for “And Now.”

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