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Megan Petersen : A New Art Form

Art comes in many forms, and if you’ve been reading these interviews, you’ve seen the love of color. There is also the love of handcrafted jewelry. Today we have an artisan, having studied fine art in college, who has taken her gift of artistic expression and applied it to beadweaving. And, she has some pieces with pretty vibrant colors, as you can see in this photo. Ms. Petersen’s enthusiasm about her art is contagious and makes one want to pick up the art, themselves, or go dust off the enjoyment of their youth and start creating something and expressing the art that is within themselves.

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Dangerous Lee : Art and Positive Activism

I am very inspired by Dangerous Lee. She has an awesome sense of humor, which you can see by checking out her site. But, more than that, she is a woman of courage, and she is there to educate others and counsel them. I truly believe that it is this character (which is much more than can be described in a couple sentences!) that her art breathes life.

I saw a couple of other art pieces and I wanted to just fill this post with her art as it was hard to limit it to just two! In looking at her art, I noticed how expressive the eyes were and how much it drew me in to want to know the subject more, and hence, the artist more. Dangerous has a way of interpretation that allows you to feel the art with her and come back for more.

Come, get to know Dangerous Lee and her art, and be sure to visit her links to view more of her amazing talents!

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Terri Sterling : Mentor, Coach

Ms. Sterling is an inspirational artist, life coach, teacher, author, and all-around human being. She has overcome many obstacles in her life, to reach the goals that she set out, even at a young age. Now, she continues to dream, to reach for those dreams, and to inspire others to do the same, encouraging them to not let anything that this world has to throw at them, hold them back from what they desire to achieve.

Please come, meet Ms. Terri Sterlin, and enjoy her art, her inspiration, and what she has to share with each of us.

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Bridgette Mongeon : Digital Sculptor

Wow, this talented lady is quite the “go getter!” Ms. Mongeon is not only a sculptor, but a lecturer/speaker, and a passionate marketer (to name a few)!

In this interview, she describes her daily process in detail and also describes the environment that she has created which is conducive to all of her skills (right down to taking her tea to her studio). So, read and get to know Ms. Mongeon, but also, be inspired (and maybe get some tips) to reach beyond the limits in your own creativity.

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Michael Bilotta : Expressive Reality

Mr. Bilotta has done many things in life and still has many more things to do. He balances the day job with his creative design, constantly allowing those artistic creative juices to flow, in spite of momentary distractions of life.

Starting from the sketchings of a child to the music of his youth, to the creative genius that he has become, Mr. Bilotta is finished yet… so stay tuned… But, in the meantime, come read his own words describing his life of art.

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