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David Calfo : Salvage Artist

I have always been fascinated, truly fascinated, by the art that can be created out of other objects. I didn’t know the term for it, necessarily, but I knew when I saw it. Hailing to us from the wonderful industrial city of Pittsburgh, comes Mr. David Calfo, giving us his own brand of salvage art and teaching this musician what the meaning of “salvage art” is and a bit of the process of the art.

I am so thrilled to be able to feature David Calfo and his salvage art, a mixture of art, history, and memorization of the past, in Mr. Calfo’s creation in the present, for the future to enjoy and remember with us. Read and learn with me.

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Sally Franz : Encouraging & Entertaining

Learning about Ms. Franz has been inspiring. In fact, I had to stop, right in the middle, and tweet one of her quotes: “Just because no one buys your work doesn’t mean it isn’t fabulous. It just means your grandkids will be the ones who get rich off it.” Being a musician, I can relate and Ms. Franz is so correct in her perspective. Let yourself be inspired by what she says and what she has experienced, letting the art flow out from inside of you!

Oh, and that isn’t all! Ms. Franz has a lovely sense of humor and while I may stop in awe of her inspiring words, I then expel a giggle at her way with words, and sit back, with my cup of tea, and enjoy the art that is an outflowing of Ms Franz and her expressions of creativity.

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Bridgette Mongeon : Digital Sculptor

Wow, this talented lady is quite the “go getter!” Ms. Mongeon is not only a sculptor, but a lecturer/speaker, and a passionate marketer (to name a few)!

In this interview, she describes her daily process in detail and also describes the environment that she has created which is conducive to all of her skills (right down to taking her tea to her studio). So, read and get to know Ms. Mongeon, but also, be inspired (and maybe get some tips) to reach beyond the limits in your own creativity.

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Michael Bilotta : Expressive Reality

Mr. Bilotta has done many things in life and still has many more things to do. He balances the day job with his creative design, constantly allowing those artistic creative juices to flow, in spite of momentary distractions of life.

Starting from the sketchings of a child to the music of his youth, to the creative genius that he has become, Mr. Bilotta is finished yet… so stay tuned… But, in the meantime, come read his own words describing his life of art.

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Victoria Pendragon : Her Own Rules

Ms. Pendragon marches to the beat of her own drum, creates her own path and follows it. I can appreciate her exploration of her art and her exploration of her life.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when she mentioned the finger painting and still being able to smell the paint. Being a musician, rather than a painter, per se, fingerprinting is not something that comes to mind often, but I could actually smell it along with her! And, guess what, I had an urge to get my fingers in that paint and try it for myself!

Come, meet Ms. Victoria Pendragon…

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