Sheree Rasmussen : Abstract Expressionist

My first memorable art piece was a hippie/folk embroidery that I started working on while travelling with a Buddhist spiritual group in Europe in the 70s. I was going to give it to the “Guru” when it was done (it took months to complete), but then met my future husband and gave it to him instead!

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Benson Simmonds : Soul and Style

I really enjoyed this interview with Benson Simmonds. Honestly, I enjoy all these interviews! I never cease to learn something and be inspired, not only by the exceptional art, but the people behind the art.

Mr. Simmonds is no exception. His style of abstract art causes room for examination and interpretation and draws further appreciation of each piece, individually, and collectively. And, Mr. Simmonds’ contagious positive attitude is appealing. Well, you all know how much I am into hugs and positive thinking, so possibly that is what I sense when I look at the art of Benson Simmonds.

Join with me, in learning about Mr. Simmonds, in his own words…

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