Interviewing Deborah E

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Recently I met someone who was commenting on how much they like the blog and reading all the interviews on the visual artists. She commented that she did not see any interview of me, the musician behind the blog. So, I thought I’d present you with one of the YouTube videos of me. >> An impromptu, casual interview of Deborah E, Jazz Singer. Enjoy. 😀

  • Sheri November 26, 2012, 8:27 am

    I saw her performance uploaded on youtube. I like her.

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If you cannot see anything above it may be because you have an ad blocker on for your browser. What you are missing would be a preview of Deborah's music from iTunes. You may also listen at Deborah E, Jazz Singer

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Deborah E's novels include:
  • "The Smokey Nights of Bourbon Street"
  • Tumbleweed Playground

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