Hollywood Makeup Artist’s YouTube Picks for Holiday Makeup Ideas

With the holidays approaching come holiday parties and events. Events where one wants to look their best. Part of looking your best includes looking like a celebrity without having to pay the price that a celebrity may pay to get it. Oh, it is true that many of us would love to be pampered and sit and relax with a glass of cool bubbly while the makeup artist performs their magic and makes us look like a million dollars, but many people do not have that luxury, nor the million dollars. And, with this economy, even those who do have the luxury may not want to spend excessive money on the holiday look when they don’t need to spend that kind of money to get it.

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YouTube how-to videos to the rescue. Lisa Gibson, a studio makeup artist that has that experience of making up the stars, has put together her three pics for YouTube videos to learn how to get that holiday look for your next event.

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Summer Style Tips : What To Wear

When the sun comes out, so does our desire to be outdoors. The latest bars, barbeques, beach parties… You name it, we want to be there, and be seen there. The only dilemma is what to wear. Well, fear not, because here are some summer fashion rules. You can follow them, adjust them, or make up your own as you go along.


Barbecues are about open fire, so expect plenty of black smoke, grease, and anything you can expect from a back garden. This is not the time to wear your finest dress or jewelry. Instead, wear your favourite jeans with a fancy top that is also practical – no dangling sleeves or chiffon fabrics (high risk of catching fire!). Shoes are usually easy to walk in – glamorous flip-flops or low-medium heeled sandals.

For this look, the jewelry can be whatever you like – colourful and chunky, or traditional and dainty. Make-up should be kept very light.

Beach Parties
Beach parties are similar to barbeques, except that you also have the option to go swimming afterwards. A good outfit would be a long summer dress with beachwear underneath. That way, you have the option to go swimming if you wish, but even if you don’t, you look gorgeous and elegant. Shoes should be pretty or glamorous flip-flops, or low heeled sandals. Jewelry and make-up will depend on whether or not you intend to go swimming. If you want to have the option, they should both be very light.

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How to Dress With Sophistication Without Spending Too Much

Looking sophisticated is the perfect way to look different to your next party. If you don’t have the right clothes to look more sophisticated, then you will just look like your ordinary self. There are certain dresses and clothes that look best for looking this way, but it can still be tough to find out what the right clothes are. Below, I will outline just a few of the ways to get you wearing a dress that is sophisticated and different. Of course, it can be hard to buy the most expensive items, and that is why you really need to consider the tips below, as they will help cut the overall costs down.

How to Dress With Sophistication Without Spending Too Much
-Minimalistic pieces
It is important to get plenty of dresses that don’t have too much pieces showing. Usually we can focus too much on getting dresses that add too many pieces, but the only thing that this does is add a lot of immaturity in your clothing. The dress should have very few pieces, as that can help a lot with adding the mature look of sophistication without doing too much work. Remember, too much can be quite bad, so try to take your time when finding a nice and clear looking dress.

-Basic tones are a great picture

Looking for a nice dress that is clean and basic, along with a very basic tone is a great idea. Basic tones are important to look for because they are never going to be out of style. The basic trends are always going to look no matter how fasionable other trends become. As long as your dress has even the slightest of class, it surely is going to stand out compared to those other people who wear overly done clothing. Usually the basic ones aren’t even that expensive, so this is a very good thing to consider.

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