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Essential Tunes For Every Office Playlist

Opinions are divided as to whether listening to music while you work is beneficial or distracting. Some people prefer working in silence, while others swear that listening to their favourite tunes helps them to be more productive. Something known as the ‘Mozart Effect’ has spawned extensive research, and findings indicate that listening to the music [...]

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Teachers, Stop Squashing Kid’s Creativity with Crafts!

Every time I walk into a school classroom and see a wall filled with collaged flowers or painted cats which all look exactly the same, I cringe. Every time I see a teacher make a “sample” for the little ones to follow and their busy little hands get to work trying to copy it exactly, [...]

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Interviewing Deborah E

Recently I met someone who was commenting on how much they like the ScatnStyle.com blog and reading all the interviews on the visual artists. She commented that she did not see any interview of me, the musician behind the blog. So, I thought I’d present you with one of the YouTube videos of me. >> An impromptu, casual interview of Deborah E, Jazz Singer. Enjoy. :D

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Cannonball Adderley, A Giant Of Jazz

Cannonball Adderley is one of Jazz’s most celebrated performers. The alto saxophone player was a sensation when performing in the Miles Davies Band, and was known for some blistering playing. However, it was one of those strange quirks of fate that launched Adderley’s career.

Originally, Julian Edwin Adderley worked as a teacher in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He taught at Dillard High School, and it was there that Adderley first picked up a nickname, although not exactly the one he’d adopt in his music career. Because of his ability to eat lots of food, and eat it quickly, other school staff members named him “Cannibal.” This changed as the speed of his alto sax playing came to light, and “Cannonball” seemed more apt.

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Remembering Ella

Remembering Ella Fitzgerald.

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