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Matthew Emeny : Military Aviation Art

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Paul Jules Butler, Child Extraordinaire

Paul Jules Butler, Child Extraordinair This interview may be viewed on the web at

The title, “Child Extraordinair” does not due justice when describing Paul Jules Butler. This young man is amazing! He is amazing in his own right, regardless of age, but taking the age factor into consideration is simply awe-inspiring. This is one young man that you will want to keep an eye on, as time moves forward! Welcome, Master Butler! Glad to have you on ScatnStyle.comWhen did you first decide that you wanted to be an artist?
Paul Jules Butler, my son, started painting at the age of 4, in 2014. He had his first solo exhibition last year, in December, and donated all proceeds to helping the poor kids from Angola. The second exhibition, held this year in June and July was success too, and the money raised were donated to the local Franciscan nuns.What was your first art creation?
The first creation was an abstract painting, acrylic on canvas, in March 2014. Paul Jules discovered how colors blend, how complimentary shades create a beautiful motif, and how much fun was to control the brush, to make it do what you want. From there on, he never stopped painting. His creations got better and better in time, and he won his first international prize this year, with a painting of a tree, he made for his teacher:

What was your first memorable art piece for you, that really made an impact?
This is hard to answer, because Paul Jules has many favorites. I guess The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is what influenced and inspired him the most. A book about the art of Vincent van Gogh was also the first art book he wanted to buy, and he is reading it very often. He also enjoys watching art tutorials, especially by Bob Ross, because he finds them fascinating, and easy to follow. He currently does not have an art teacher.Please describe “A Day in the Life of Paul Jules Butler, Artist Extraordinaire.”
Paul Jules needs to integrate his passion with his school schedule, so he often waits for the weekend to paint, but he does sketch every day. He doesn’t yet have a routine, nor a preferred place to paint. He can start anywhere and we don’t mind the drops of paint everywhere around the house. But he is happy when he paints, and he often plays Caribbean music on his CD player to set the mood.What do you do with your art?
Paul Jules donates about 50% of his sales to charities like Unbound. Facebook is his main place to exhibit his creations, but he had two solo exhibitions in Germany already, so we can say he is known locally. People who are interested in buying one of his paintings often send us a direct message on his Facebook page, and we respond as soon as we can. Many of his artworks are not for sale, because he loves them too much, and he doesn’t enjoy partying with his “friends,” as he calls them.We are just starting this journey, but it is very likely that Paul Jules will continue painting, and will also continue donating much of his art to help less fortunate children. What are your plans in the future?We are just starting this journey, but it is very likely that Paul Jules will continue painting, and will also continue donating much of his art to help less fortunate children. He is now working for his third solo exhibition, which is, as usual, inspired by flowers, trees, and the magic of life.

In the words of , from blog, “I donate about 50% of my sales to charities like Unbound.“Connecting with :

This interview may be viewed on the web at

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Megan Petersen : A New Art Form

Art comes in many forms, and if you’ve been reading these interviews, you’ve seen the love of color. There is also the love of handcrafted jewelry. Today we have an artisan, having studied fine art in college, who has taken her gift of artistic expression and applied it to beadweaving. And, she has some pieces with pretty vibrant colors, as you can see in this photo. Ms. Petersen’s enthusiasm about her art is contagious and makes one want to pick up the art, themselves, or go dust off the enjoyment of their youth and start creating something and expressing the art that is within themselves.

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4 Of The Best Public Artworks From Around The World

Public artwork allows an artist to share their love of art with the common man. Here are four of the best public artworks from around the world that you don’t need to pay to view.
East Side Gallery (Berlin, Germany)
In many ways, the Berlin Wall represented the worst of humanity. Running through the city of Berlin, the wall divided a nation, separated families, and plunged East Germans into a Communist abyss. When the wall came down in 1990, it was only fitting that some parts of the wall that remained standing be converted into an art gallery. At the heart of modern day Berlin lays a 1.3 km long stretch of the Berlin Wall, featuring art work from over 100 artists. Although a lot of the work was vandalized during the 90s, restoration specialists have ensured that the East Side Gallery continues to be a source of inspiration and hope for future generations.

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10 Mind Blowing Artists Who Have Wooed Their Way Into Your Hearts With Their Light Graffiti Skills

A light graffiti or light painting is a photography technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source or by moving the camera in various directions. It can also include images lit from outside the frame with hand-held light sources.                         [...]

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