February 2012

Benson Simmonds : Soul and Style

I really enjoyed this interview with Benson Simmonds. Honestly, I enjoy all these interviews! I never cease to learn something and be inspired, not only by the exceptional art, but the people behind the art.

Mr. Simmonds is no exception. His style of abstract art causes room for examination and interpretation and draws further appreciation of each piece, individually, and collectively. And, Mr. Simmonds’ contagious positive attitude is appealing. Well, you all know how much I am into hugs and positive thinking, so possibly that is what I sense when I look at the art of Benson Simmonds.

Join with me, in learning about Mr. Simmonds, in his own words…

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The Musical Stylings of Ray Boltz

As I am writing this, I am listening to the musical stylings of Ray Boltz, and in particular, “Another Child To Hold.” That song moved me, way back, when I first heard it, and still continues to move me, I daresay, every time I hear it.

The chords, the words… The lyrics are simple enough to aim straight for the heart, the music has a complexity to its composition enough to stimulate the senses, opening up the heart and mind to the message. Not all musicians can accomplish this. Ray Bolz is a rarity, able to gently speak to the soul, and express the love to and for humanity.

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Barbara Schreiber : Inspirational Greetings

Ms. Schreiber is a delightful person (love her sense of humor and wonderment!), as well as a delightful artist. As with many artists, it was hard to choose which pieces to show in this interview! She excels in so many areas, that you cannot label her with just one. But then, as creative creatures, that is one of the aspects that makes us what we are.

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5 iPhone Apps for Artists

The iPhone has variable uses. Apart from the customary features that an iPhone is endowed with, for example, iOS 5, iCloud, A5 Processor, Better Camera compatibility and Display screen of 3.5 inches, there is a range of apps that can be downloaded on to the iPhone for subjects as varied as exercise, diet control and heart control and what have you. However, if you are an artist, have you ever heard of special iPhone apps for an artist?

Here are 5 iPhone apps for artists.

Colored Pencils

Colored pencils is an app designed to reproduce the effect of drawing with color pencils. It is interesting because you can replicate even the pressure applied on the lines so that they taper off towards the end. Though there is no apparent flexibility to the mark value, its transparency can easily be adjusting it. This app takes care of paper texture, and if your intention is only to draw lines; colored pencils would be your ideal choice.

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How Can “Art” Be Defined?

“What is Art?”

That’s a big question, and not one that we can answer easily. Every one you ask will, or should, have a different answer.

Art doesn’t have a single defining element. It can be a painting, a sculpture, a definable something that you can see and experience, or art can be something that’s a little less tangible. There are no real parameters, or are there?

To answer this question, let’s look at how art is defined. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, the primary definition of art is “the expression or application of human creativity and imagination, usually in a visual form such as a painting or sculpture, creating works to be appreciated mainly for their beauty or emotional power.”

With this in mind, it gives us something of a springboard into understanding the different kinds of art that we experience. How often have we heard the phrases, “A five year old could do that,” “It doesn’t look like anything,” or “They’ve just got too much time on their hands?” More often than not, these are comments from those who don’t have a frame of reference for other art styles.

All art forms are subject to personal taste when it comes to what we like and what we don’t like. However, this personal preference depends primarily on understanding, attraction or revulsion. This is part of the experience of ‘enjoying’ art. The problem is that we are almost hard wired to give credence to something that appeals to us, rejecting other things that do not. This governs our perception of what is art.

The wonderful thing about art, whether you love it or hate it, it is still sparking a response. Works of art do have a message, whether it’s emotional, intellectual, political or even corporate. The message is there. Our personal reaction to it is another level of interaction with the piece. Art works on many different levels, based on the artist and his or her interaction with the viewer.

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